Senate Committee on Statute Issues


  • drafting the Senate's resolution on changes to the constitution and other statutes with the exception of the registration statute, the selection statute and the university examination statute.
  • drafting the Senate's resolution on changes to revised editions of internal rules and regulations
  • drafting the Senate's resolution on the installation, modification, dissolution and organization of academic facilities and operating units in accordance with Section 76 Paragraph 2 No. 7 of the Rhineland-Palatinate University Act

The drafting competence of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Issues covers formal and contextual aspects.

The Committee is not authorized to make decisions.


Professor Dr. Stephan Jolie, Vice President for Learning and Teaching

Sabine Kurzok-Quandel, Head of the Legal Affairs staff unit


  • 6 senior university lecturers, of which
    • 1 is from Faculty 03
    • 2 are from faculties 04 and 08-10
    • 2 are from faculties 01, 02 and 05-07
    • 1 is from the School of Music or the Mainz Academy of Arts
  • 2 students
  • 2 members of the academic staff
  • 1 member of the non-academic staff