Senate Committee for the Promotion of Research and Young Researchers


  • Developing criteria for the promotion of research within the university
  • Receiving and discussing the Vice President for Research's report on granting funds in the context of research funding within the university (step I)
  • Working on proposals for the senate when it comes to establishing or revoking interdisciplinary working groups
  • Making decisions concerning the awarding of scholarships in accordance with the guidelines for granting scholarships at JGU
  • Executing tasks of the university's awards committee in accordance with section 16 of the guidelines for granting scholarships to particularly gifted doctoral candidates in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Establishing criteria for process organization, applications and application deadlines for granting scholarships on the basis of the (internal) guidelines
  • Preparing draft resolutions for the President concerning the granting of funding for women in research, e.g.
    • prizes for highly-qualified female young researchers and artists
    • junior professors for the promotion of women in Rhineland-Palatinate (4 positions)
    • post-doctoral positions for the promotion of women in Rhineland-Palatinate (2.75 positions)
    • visiting professor for "women and gender research" in Rhineland-Palatinate

      The proposals will be presented by the central Equal Opportunities Officers.

Decision-Making Authority: Partially


Vice President for Research and Early Career Academics

Head of the Research and Technology Transfer Staff Unit


  • 9 university teachers
    • 4 of which are from the faculties 01-03 and 05-07
    • 3 from the faculties 08-10
    • 1 from the faculty 04
    • 1 from the Mainz School of Music or Mainz Academy of Arts
  • 3 students
  • 3 academic members of staff
  • 1 non-academic member of staff

Advisory (by virtue of office)
Chief Scientific Officer of the University Medical Center
Head of the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers if issues are being dealt with that concern the promotion of young researchers