The Executive University Board

The JGU President, two Vice Presidents, and the University Chancellor form the Executive University Board of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. The Executive University Board governs the university.

The President acts as the university's external representative. It is his task to provide for constructive cooperation between the various committees and the members of the university. The President promotes the development of the university and regularly issues public statements on its activities and achievements. The University Council nominates the President, who is appointed by the Senate for a period of six years.

There are two Vice Presidents who assist and deputize for the President. They are either nominated by the President or – assuming that the President relinquishes this right – by the University Council and appointed to the office for four years by the Senate.

The University Chancellor, acting on behalf of the President, ensures that the university is administered in accordance with its statutes. Within the specific area of responsibility, the Chancellor can also directly deputize for the President.

The Executive University Board has entrusted the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with the selection, introduction, and deployment of information and communication systems at JGU – in close collaboration and coordination with all Board members.