President’s Office

The staff of the President’s Office supports the President and the Vice Presidents in their strategic, structural, and organizational work. In addition to coordinating faculty-specific and interdisciplinary questions and organizing the content of meetings, the members of staff are responsible for the university’s strategic positioning and development, as well as for the central university committees’ office activities.

The team includes the personal assistants assigned to JGU’s university management. They are the first point of contact for any issues pertaining to the president and the two vice presidents.

One of the President’s Office’s strategic fields of action is quality-oriented faculty recruitment. The staff members accompany the appointment processes at the intersection of university management, faculties, and central administration. Additionally, strategic decisions are prepared and coordinated with regard to the recommendations from JGU’s expert bodies (for research, teaching, and young researchers) and strategic cooperations such as the U15 or the Rhine-Main Universities Alliance (RMU).

The administrative and organizational activities (Senate, University Council and University Board of Trustees) include the preparation, organization and review of committee meetings, as well as advice on committee matters.

Therefore, the President’s Office connects university management, faculties, and central administration, as well as the extramural public.



For general questions or concerns, please contact our Secretariat

Dr. Kerstin Vogel
Tel. 06131 39-22121
Nico Kaiser
Team Assistance
Tel. 06131 39-22419
Sarah Kirschmann
Deputy Head
Strategic Planning
Tel. 06131 39-21043
Sascha Barth
Central Committees
Student Organizations
Tel. 06131 39-22305
Dr. Stefanie Rehm
Faculty Recruiting
Tel. 06131 39-20515
Eva Werner
Cooperation Manger RMU, LHPK, German U15
Tel. 06131 39-29547
Dr. Daniela Heinze
Faculty Recruiting
Tel.06131 39-29266
Holger Kölsch
Faculty Recruiting
Tel.06131 39-21139



Personally Assigned to University Management:

N.N Dominik Schuh
Personal Assistant
of the Vice President
for Learning and Teaching
Tel. 06131 39-22101
Dr. Ewa Vittorias
Personal Assistant
of the Vice President
for Research and Early Carreer Academics
Tel. 06131 39-20740