Senate Committee on Learning, Teaching, and Continuing Education


  • providing a preliminary review of the university's examination regulations and regulations of graduation and postdoctoral lecturing qualification; preparing an actable template for the Senate to use for issuing a statement pursuant to Section 76 Paragraph 2 of the Rhineland-Palatinate University Act
  • inquires about the student Advice Service, study course progression analysis and the organization of studies
  • dealing with issues relating to the design and development of model projects as well as to the modification and introduction of new study course offers
  • discussing key issues relating to teaching and continuing education
  • advising on the guidelines and concepts for developing the study course structure at JGU under the inclusion of continuing education
  • key issues relating to capacities
  • preparing the Senate's resolution on registration regulations and on the university's selection statutes

The Committee is not authorized to make decisions.


Professor Dr. Stephan Jolie, Vice President for Learning and Teaching

Management (dependent on the agenda of each conference)
Birgit Leinen, Office for Learning and Teaching
Dr. Beate Hörr, Center for Continuing Education


  • 5 senior university lecturers
  • 5 students
  • 5 members of the academic staff, one each from the following areas:
    • faculties 01–03
    • faculty 04
    • faculties 05–07
    • faculties 08–10
    • School of Music or Mainz Academy of Arts
  • 1 member of the non-academic staff

Advisory members
Dr. Beate Hörr, Center for Continuing Education
Birgit Leinen, Office for Learning and Teaching