Senate Committee on Internationalization


  • developing and updating an internationalization strategy
  • making decisions on candidate recommendations for the position as visiting professor for the Poland Fellowship
  • enacting guidelines for coordinating the use of the planned joint facilities for a foreign language center, an international foundation course, the Dijon Office and lecture offerings
  • providing statements on recommendations for the statutes of use for the Foreign Language Center
  • advising the President on key issues concerning the Foreign Language Center and the International Preparatory College Mainz (Studienkolleg)

The Committee is partially authorized to make decisions.


Vice President for Research and Early Career Academics

Head of the International Office


  • 6 senior university lecturers, of which
    • 1 is from faculties 02-03
    • 2 are from faculties 04 and 08-10
    • 2 are from faculties 01 and 05-07
    • 1 is from the School of Music or the Mainz Academy of Arts
  • 2 students
  • 2 members of the academic staff
  • 1 member of the non-academic staff