Student Organizations

Students have the right and the obligation to become involved in academic self-administration. Student representatives are members of advisory boards to the faculties and the Senate. Additionally, the student body is also represented in the Students' Parliament (StuPa). The StuPa elects the General Students' Committee.

Students' Parliament (StuPa)

The 35 members of the Students' Parliament are elected every summer semester by all students registered at the university. StuPa elects and supervises the General Students' Committee and passes resolutions on the students' budget. Conferences are usually held every Wednesday in the lecture hall (AudiMax). Anyone who is interested is welcome.


General Students' Committee

The General Students' Committee represents the interests of all the students at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz towards the university and society (Executive). It is elected by the Students' Parliament and represents, among others, the cultural, technical, economic and social interests of the students. It promotes the formation of student opinions and takes a stand on political issues relating to the university and education. It intends to take an active role in academic reform. The General Students' Committee is divided into various departments according to topic. It is a source of political education, can provide an effective and student-friendly 6-month transit ticket, supports socially disadvantaged students, organizes political and cultural events and offers legal advice free of charge. In a nutshell: the General Students' Committee is the right point of contact for finding a solution to any issue that is causing any student personal or general problems.