Central Institutions and Facilities

In accordance with the definition in the University Act, the Central Facilities fulfill tasks in the fields of research including the transfer of research, teaching, studying, information and communication technology, and continuing education, which are dealt with across all the faculties.

Here you can find summarized information and links to the homepages of the Central Facilities:

  • Center for Continuing Education (ZWW)
    The Center for Continuing Education provides competence and contacts to enable people who have completed initial occupational training, gathered initial experience in working life or completed a phase of family life to supplement the knowledge they have acquired.
  • Center for Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ)
    The Center for Quality Assurance and Development is responsible for organizing and implementing evaluations at the university and supporting the development of a system of management by objectives.
  • Collegium musicum
    The Collegium musicum consists of UniChoir and UniOrchestra Mainz as well as of the Gutenberg Chamber Choir and the extracurricular Choir and Orchestra Academy. All parts of the Collegium musicum are open to students and members of Mainz University and all music enthusiasts.
  • Data Center (ZDV)
    The JGU Data Center offers scientists and students a range of modern I&C services. It is based on the campus network with more than 10,000 connections and 500 wireless LAN access points.
  • Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers (GYR)
    The Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers (GYR) aims at the promotion of young research and artistic talent and their interdisciplinary networking. It is dedicated to the development of strategic perspectives and to the advancement of ideas and measures for their realization.
  • Gutenberg Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHS)
    The Gutenberg Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences offers an integrated and needs-oriented program for doctoral degree candidates in the humanities and social sciences. It promotes the further qualification of its members for academic and non-academic careers as well as interdisciplinary exchange and internationalization.
  • Gutenberg Research College (GRC)
    The Gutenberg Research College established by the Senate of Johannes Gutenberg University is a facility dedicated to the advancement of innovative research and interdisciplinary integration between research areas of excellence.
  • Gutenberg Teaching Council (GTC)
    The Gutenberg Teaching Council supports and continuously develops teaching methods and academic teaching competence as well as study course structures and learning conditions at Johannes Gutenberg University.
  • International Preparatory and Language Center
    The International Preparatory and Language Center organizes and conducts classes in foreign languages and German as a foreign language for international students. It also offers preparatory courses for foreign and German students with foreign university entrance certificates.
  • Research reactor TRIGA Mainz (TRIGA)
    The research reactor TRIGA Mainz is available as a neutron source for experiments in the field of applied science and basic research for users inside and outside Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. The TRIGA laboratories are used by research groups from the JGU Department of Chemistry.
  • Studium generale / General Interdisciplinary Studies
    The Studium generale offers an extensive program for expanding studies on an interdisciplinary basis and promotes inter-faculty approaches to research and teaching. Many events are organized for the general public.
  • Teacher Training Center
    The Center for Teacher Training is the interface between the institutions involved in training future teachers, i.e. between university, student seminars and schools.
  • University Library (UB)
    The University Library is the supply system for information and literature at the University of Mainz and is available to students, teachers, researchers and any other interested parties.