Senate Committee on Budgetary Matters


  • developing models for the allocation of positions and means
  • preparing the adoption of the Senate's resolutions on the principles of allocating positions and means
  • receiving the President's report on the allocation of means on the basis of principles defined by the Senate

The Committee is not authorized to make decisions.


Professor Dr. Georg Krausch, President

Head of the Finances and Procurement Office


  • 9 senior university lecturers, of which
    • 4 are from faculties 01-03 and 05-07
    • 3 are from faculties 08-10
    • 1 from the Mainz School of Music or the Mainz Academy of Arts and
    • the Scientific Board of the Mainz University Medical Center by virtue of office
  • 3 students
  • 3 members of the academic staff
  • 1 member of the non-academic staff

Advisory member
Deans or Vice Deans by proxy of the faculties that are not members of the Senate Committee