Senate Committee for Information Technology and Digital Processes


  • Preparing senate decisions that concern IT matters considered to be of significance to the entire university
  • Preparing senate decisions that concern the development and updating of an IT concept for the university
  • Monitoring the university's IT measures, in particular when it comes to issues that concern the university data network, the use of larger data-processing units and software packages of the faculties/ art schools and their academic institutions, central offices and administrations
  • Taking on a supportive and advisory role when it comes to implementing and operating information systems and digitalizing business processes at JGU
  • Providing consultation on issues concerning digitalized teaching, in particular in regard to technical and infrastructural framework conditions
  • Dealing with fundamental issues concerning data protection and data security
  • Making decisions that concern the granting of resources for e-teaching and e-learning
  • Preparing decisions to be made by the senate concerning user and fee regulations for the ZDV

Decision-Making Authority: No, except when it comes to granting means for e-teaching/e-learning


Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Management Board (advisory)
Management of the Data Center (ZDV)


  • 10 university teachers
    • 3 of which are from faculties 01, 05-07
    • 2 from faculties 02 and 03
    • 1 from faculty 04
    • 3 from faculties 08-10
    • 1 from the Mainz School of Music or Mainz Academy of Arts
  • 3 students
  • 3 academic members of staff
    • 1 from the field of humanities, cultural and social sciences
    • 1 from the field of science or medicine
    • 1 from the field of computer science
  • 1 non-academic member of staff

Advisory (by virtue of office)
Vice President for Research and Early Career Academics
Vice President for Learning and Teaching