Internal Auditing-Financial Supervision

Internal Auditing* provides independent and objective assurance and consulting services aimed at creating added value and improving business processes.

It adopts a systematic and targeted approach to evaluating and helping to improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and management and monitoring processes, thereby supporting the organization's efforts to achieve its objectives.

Tasks and Duties of Internal Auditing

  • Controlling and evaluating the efficiency of the internal information, control and risk management system
  • Verifying compliance with the major principles of correctness, legality, economic efficiency and expediency
  • Financial supervision in accordance with the state budget code (KHO)
  • Audits and inspections as instructed by the Chancellor

The service regulations for Internal Auditing can be accessed by employees of Johannes Gutenberg University in the download center.


*Definition as per the German Institute for Internal Auditing e.V. (DIIR).