Research and Technology Transfer

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is one of the leading research universities in Germany and with its more than 150 institutes and clinics, the School of Music, and its Academy of Arts represents the academic hub of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

The outstanding research capacity of the more than 3,200 academics at JGU has resulted, among other things, in the university’s marked successes in the German Excellence Initiative, with the recognition of the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence and the continued support for the MAINZ Graduate School. Together with numerous individual projects and initiatives, there are five research centers and seven research units that represent the university's particular strengths in science and research. Third-party funds play a major role here: in 2012, JGU received approximately EUR 94 million in donations.

Research and Technology Transfer advises and supports scientists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz who wish to acquire third-party funds from national and international funding programmes, carry out joint projects with external partners or facilitate the commercial exploitation of their research results. Numerous internal research projects and initiatives are supported by intra-university research funding. Research and technology transfer also provides advice on applying for funding.